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Digital Identity Verification

Establish Identity Digitally

We are all familiar with the established practice of establishing an individuals’ identity using key documents.  We have learnt the lists of acceptable documents for each situation and we are used to our face to face meetings to verify the person in front of us, is indeed, the same person in the document provided.

We have also experienced the frustration of managing this process with remote working, with individuals not able to produce documents, with uploading and storing sensitive documents.

Digital Identity Verification is a wonderful step forward which will transform this process within the onboarding and screening world and here at NSSA we are very pleased to be able to bring this technology to your fingertips as part of your established screening checks. 

How does it work?

As part of our screening service, we automatically liaise directly with your applicant and secure, via digital document capture and biometric facial recognition, ID verification to the approved government standard for your checks:

  • Right to Work
  • BS7858:2019
  • BPSS
  • Basic Criminal Record Disclosures
  • Enhanced Criminal Record Disclosures; and
  • Standard Criminal Record Disclosures

Results are fast and accurate.  No more document collection for you.  Instead, we provide a certified ID verification result for you.

Trust and Expertise

NSSA is partnering with TrustID in order to integrate the verification process into our existing services.  TrustID are the leading identity service supplier, having already partnered with clients such as the NHS.  They assess thousands of identity documents and identify fake documents every day.  They hold ISO27001 accredited certification for their information security, following information security best practice.  They have been an integral part of the development process for the Digital ID Framework and are regularly called upon as leading experts in the Digital ID market. 

How do I order a check?

Digital ID verification will be included as standard for you when selecting one of the checks listed above.  We will also be introducing a new, stand-alone service ‘Digital ID Verification’ that can be selected on its own.  Simply select the service you want when you add your applicant via your NSSA Client Portal. 

As always, we are very happy to discuss your screening requirements and advise regarding best practice, BS7858, BPSS and ID requirements for the Disclosure and Barring Service.  If you would like further information, please call us on 0800 999 7858 or email: screening@7858.co.uk