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What is Digital Identity Verification?

Digital Identity Verification is a new process of verifying someone’s right to work without having to view original documents. Using our software, your applicants can verify their own identity by simply scanning their ID documents and taking a selfie. Not only can our software verify right to work but we can also use their digital identity profile in support of DBS criminal records checks. No more document scanning!

Is there anything that I need to do differently?

No. This service will be automatically included in our BS7858:2019 and Criminal Records Disclosure screening packages. We will attempt to digitally verify the applicant’s identity as part of the application submission process. This update will mitigate the need for identity documents to be uploaded for your applicants (provided that we can successfully verify an individual’s identity digitally).

Do I have to pay more for this service?

No. There is no additional charge for our BS7858:2019 or Criminal Records Disclosure screening packages.

Right to Work

We will automatically attempt to verify the applicant’s identity and right to work as part of your BS7858:2019 screening package. It will be clear from our final report if we have or have not been able to do this – if we haven’t, you will also be notified via email. As the employing organisation, all you have to do is ensure that the results we obtain both match with the individual you have requested the check on and satisfies your right to work requirements.

What if you can’t verify someone’s identity or right to work digitally?

If we can’t digitally verify your applicant’s identity, then we will require copies of the applicant’s original documentation as per the current process. We will request these from you once screening is underway.

If we are unable to verify your applicant’s right to work as part of BS7858:2019, then you will be required to view their original documentation before performing your own right to work check as per the current process.

Should I make the applicant aware of these changes?

Yes, when you advise the applicant that they will be subject to BS7858:2019 or a Criminal Records Disclosure security screening then you should advise that this may include a digital identity verification check and/or a right to work check (of course, we will make the applicant aware of this as part of our consent process). It would also be helpful for them to have a copy of their passport or national identity card, driving licence, mobile phone and a stable internet connection when submitting their details.

Applicant Submission FAQ’s

I don’t have a valid passport:

If you are a UK Citizen we will not be able to confirm your Identity or Right to Work without this document. If you are a non-UK Citizen we may be able to use alternative documents such as a Biometric National Identity Card.

What will I need to verify my identity?

A stable internet connection (Wi-Fi is preferable), Passport, Driving Licence, Identity Card, and a device with a front facing camera such as a mobile phone.

I have downloaded the app but I’m being asked to scan another QR code:

If the app auto-opens immediately after it has been downloaded, please close it and return to your internet browser. The app will open at a later stage as and when required.

I can’t scan the chip in my passport:

  • Ensure that NFC is enabled on your phone (if using Android)
  • Remove any cases that may be obstructing the scanning process 
  • Keep the document and phone still unless prompted otherwise 
  • Try turning the passport over or placing the passport on top of your phones screen.

Can I proceed through the application without completing the Digital Identity Details?

Yes, however your screening application may take significantly longer as we may be required to verify your identity with original documentation.

Can I amend my selections to the Digital Identity Details?

No, once the selections have been made, they cannot be amended. We would however be able to issue you with an entirely new application.

I’m being asked for a Home Office Consent Code. Where do I find this?

This is available here: https://www.gov.uk/view-prove-immigration-status