Our Services

Security Screening

Security Screening is simple in theory but can be very difficult in practice. The easy solution is to get our highly skilled Screening Department personnel to carry out the screening for you. Simply send us a contact request, we will call you straight back, set up your account and get you started. Using our secure online portal, you will then have access to place your order. We will take it from there, giving you peace of mind that your Security Screening is being carried out thoroughly.

Fast and comprehensive reporting
Our reporting is both comprehensive and efficient. For example, our 3 Year Telephone Pre-Screening Service aims to provide you with a report within 2 working days. This report will contain the following information where applicable:

  • Verification of the last 3 years employment history
  • Confirmation that all previous employers have been contacted
  • Where applicable, confirmation that schools/colleges have been contacted
  • Confirmation that all dates of employment have been verified
  • Responses to re-employment questions
  • Details of the candidates suitability for their role
  • Details of any problem areas that have been identified

Our service includes the following checks:

  • Verification of referees and taking up written references
  • Written verification of 5 year Career History including any gaps in employment greater than 31 days
  • Obtaining Consumer Information Report including linked address information
  • Checking the Education History when undertaken within the screening period
  • Global Watchlist check
  • Appropriate criminal record checks

National Security Screening Agency service highlights to you where your prospective employees have adverse information against them or where they may have embellished their CV. This enables you to make more informed employment decisions based on the actual risk identified.  In addition you can select the appropriate criminal record disclosure check to include with your screening application. Our secure online screening system integrates directly with the Disclosure and Barring Service, reducing data entry and processing times.