Using Our Client Portal

Account Set Up

For each new client that wishes to use our services we set up an online account. We collect the following information:

  • Name of Business
  • Trading type e.g. Limited Company/Sole Trader/LLP
  • Primary Contact
  • Telephone number
  • Primary email address
  • Regulatory body

Upon receipt we set up the account and access details for the primary user.

The client portal URL is:

The Dashboard

The Dashboard is where you will be able to monitor the progress of applicants being screened. It provides an overview of applicant screenings in progress, an ageing analysis of applicants submitted and which applicant links have been sent, not started, started but not completed.

At the top of the screen are shortcuts to start a new job, add an applicant to an existing job, and upload documents for an applicant being screened.

Account Management

From this page you can update or amend your user details and add a new user.

You can also use this page to re-set your system generated password on first access to one memorable to you.

Placing an Order

On the Dashboard click on the button Start New Job or navigate to the Screening tab in the menu on the left hand side. Your screening packages will have been set up for you by your NSSA Account Manager according to your requirements.  Once you have selected the package the page will refresh and show each check included.

Once you have selected your package you will need to add the following information for us:

  • Add the Job title – mandatory
  • Add you own reference – optional
  • Add your recruitment manager – optional
  • Add your own department code – optional
  • Add the location for the role – optional

If a data field is completed we can provide management information reports for you based on these metrics

Adding an Applicant

Having filled in the job fields, you can either save the job to add applicants later, or you can add your applicant to the job now. Once you select Add Applicant – the following screen will appear.

Complete the data fields and then click Yes to send the Applicant link – add the applicants email address and telephone number.

On submission we will send an email to your applicant inviting them to register on our secure applicant portal and add their information for their screening. The questions we ask are tailored to the checks requested to make sure we only collect the information we need. If we have their phone number we will also monitor the unsubmitted applications and nudge the applicants along to complete their information.

If you prefer to add the applicant’s details yourself, rather than send an applicant link, then you would select No, to applicant link, and the system will then take you through the data collection fields over subsequent steps.

Please only complete these if you have informed consent from the applicant to share their personal information with us.

Uploading Documents

The next step is to upload documents for us. We will need the applicant’s consent form and if you have requested a criminal record disclosure application we will need certified copies of the applicant’s ID documents. This is a change to the current process, please do not send us identity documents unless you need a criminal record disclosure. You already have the documents on your screening file, that is sufficient for BS7858:2019. The only exception to this is if we have been unable to locate the applicant at their current address, if we do not hold one, we will request a document to evidence residency at their current address.

Simply locate the record for your applicant then upload your documents. The preferred format is PDF or word, you can upload jpeg or png images but quality and size can sometimes cause a problem with the load. As you add documents they will display in a table on screen so you can keep track of what you have provided.

Viewing Progress

The best thing about our portal is you don’t have to wait for contact from us to see how the screening is progressing. Simply log on, and on the Dashboard you will be able to see an overview of progress for each applicant; The applicants name, date added, job code and name, screening package and status. Click the view button next to each for more detailed information.

View Results

By clicking on the view button you will drill down into the Applicant progress Overview. At the bottom of the page are five tabs detailing the status of each check, the activities log audit trail, Occupation History, Processed Documents and Final Reports. Each document or report can be viewed by clicking on the View button.


We have taken the opportunity, with implementation of GDPR, to review what information we return to you and in what format. It is important that we do not add to the volume and complexity of the data you hold and need to manage in accordance with GDPR so we have looked at ways of reducing duplication. To this end, we will not be sending back to you documents which you have already sent to us. We will be bringing all the component parts of the checks we have completed and incorporating them into a simple, easy to read report. With this we will upload for you each piece of evidence to support each section in the report.